Discover Iveragh

Autumn on the Iveragh

It's a time filled with change.


Let's have a look at some of the highlights of the Iveragh in autumn.

1 Finian's Bay Wave long.jpg
Winter on the Iveragh

A wonderful time to explore the outdoors

While the buzz of summer is exciting, the slower pace of winter is a welcome switch.

Derrynane Mass Loop

Discover Derrynane.


This interactive map can be used as companion for the loop, filling you with information on what you might find and where you might find it. 

Discover Pen Llŷn

Autumn in
Pen Llŷn

Autumn is a very exciting time of year from a naturalist's point of view, here are some of the wildlife and nature spectacles of Pen Llŷn in autumn.

Rhiw Ben.jpg
Winter in
Pen Llŷn

As the nights draw in and the sun draws ever shallower arcs across the southern skies, the character of Llŷn changes dramatically in the winter months. 

Oystercatcher - Ben Porter.jpg
Tuning into
Pen Llŷn

The crackling backdrop of an underwater kelp forest; the roar of a winter's storm; the cacophony of a Manx shearwater colony in mid-July. Sound is a powerful medium for documenting the landscape and its wildlife on a deeper and more immersive level than visual methods.

Dive into our audio journey through the nature and landscape of Pen Llŷn.

Gannet off Ynys Enlli - Ben Porter.jpg