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National Biodiversity Week Ireland 2022

In 2022, National Biodiversity Week Ireland runs from Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd of May. Activities and events will be held across the country, all in celebration of our biodiversity. Listed below are the events the LIVE Project is running for Biodiversity Week, and you can find out about other events in Kerry at

We are fortunate to have amazing biodiversity to immerse ourselves in year-round. We also have lots of wonderful individuals, organisations, and businesses that champion, protect and preserve our biodiversity right here on the peninsula.

Fiach & Linda at Scoil an Ghleanna_Biodiversity for kids
Fiach & Linda at Scoil an Ghleanna_Biodiversity for kids
What is biodiversity?

But first. How about we start at the beginning. What exactly do we mean by ‘biodiversity’? Simply put, our biodiversity is a combination of the different plants, animals, and the habitats they are found in. The more of these different plants and animals that are present in a habitat is a good thing and it is considered ‘rich in biodiversity’. This is the sign of a healthy ecosystem. Think of a woodland. If there is a whole array of different fungi, trees, birds, insects, mammals, mosses and more, this will offer a far better range of nutrients, shelter and food chains throughout the year for example. Think of all the sounds, the smells, and the colours. Beautiful! If there are very few plants and animals in a habitat it is ‘poor in biodiversity’. Poor biodiversity can happen as a result of pollution, invasive species (such as rhododendron), overgrazing, or removal of plants or animals. Imagine that same woodland with just one type of tree, a hand full of birds or insects and no flowers. Not so beautiful. Which would you prefer?

How many species can you count in the two images above? Do you think they are rich or poor in biodiversity and why?

National Biodiversity Week is all about bringing biodiversity into our daily lives. Whether that’s on the farm as you tend your animals, in your classroom, having a cup of tea in the garden, or maybe your weekend ramble along the coast. We can all play a part and it doesn’t have to be huge! We can join a nature focused community group, take part in a citizen science project, learn what’s best to plant in our gardens, rewild that corner of the field, look up Leave No Trace principles – there’s something for everyone.

Biodiversity at the beach
Biodiversity at the beach

So where do you go to find out more about biodiversity? A good place to start is by attending one of our events, listed below, or you can find out about more about other biodiversity events in Kerry here, or nationally at


List of LIVE Project events:

There is no booking required for these events. If you have any further questions please contact us at

Friday 13th May
Biodiversity Tour at Valentia Observatory

Come and see the actions being taken for biodiversity at Valentia Meteorological Observatory in Cahersiveen and learn about how you too can support biodiversity. This event will be led by LIVE Knowledge Gatherers Calum Sweeney and Fiach Byrne.

Location: Valentia Observatory, Cahersiveen

Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm

Sunday 15th May
Christina’s whale watch with Sea Synergy

Join marine biologist Christina Winkler and Sea Synergy for a morning of whale, dolphin and porpoises watching. Learn how to identify, record and report these important cetacean sightings at Ducalla, Bolus Head.

Location: Ducalla, Bolus Head Siúlóid Bhólais

Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm

Wednesday 18th May
Jane’s Big Beach Biodiversity Survey

Would you like to learn how to survey your local sandy beach? LIVE is looking for volunteers to join us as we conduct a survey to record bivalve shells and other flotsam cast up on the tide of your local Iveragh beaches!  

While our sandy beaches may not be the most obvious place to record marine species, taking time to explore the species living on our beaches, and the remains of those cast up by the tide can provide a really useful picture of the biodiversity of the beach and the adjacent seas. The Big Beach Biodiversity Survey is part of Explore Your Shore Explore Your Shore, Ireland’s Marine Biodiversity Citizen Platform by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

Location: White Strand, Over The Water, Cahersiveen

Time: 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Where to find out more

If you can’t make it to an event then don’t panic. There are lots of really great resources online including this very website. Please stay and have a look around. Learn about our only native lizards. Colour in a curlew. Watch the seasons change. Tune into one of our Dark Sky videos. Or travel back in time to when Maude Delap was exploring our marine biodiversity.

We also encourage you to find our who’s doing what in your community. We’ve put together a selection of website to help you get started. We’ll also be posting lots of handy information during National Biodiversity Week Ireland so keep an eye on our socials. Go raibh maith agat!

Common blue butterfly - sand dune biodiversity
Common blue butterfly - sand dune biodiversity

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