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Tre'r Ceiri Virtual Tour

The spectacular Iron Age and Romano-British hillfort of Tre’r Ceiri sits on the eastern-most hilltop of Yr Eifl, Llanaelhaearn on the Llŷn Peninsula. It is one of the best-preserved hillforts in Britain and a protected ancient monument. Hillforts were gathering sites: they were places for settlement, food storage, and ceremony, and they provided a central focus for communities who lived within these landscapes during the first millennium BC and the first half of the first millennium AD. The hillfort is enclosed by an impressive stone wall, with two main entrance-passages, and up to 150 roundhouses and rectangular structures are located inside. The inhabitants of the hillfort respected an earlier Bronze Age burial cairn, which sits on the hill summit.

Immerse yourself in a virtual tour of this monument and its surrounds. Text and audio can be changed to Cymraeg or English by clicking on the flag icons.

The Tre'r Ceiri virtual tour can also be seen at Porth y Swnt, in Aberdaron. One of six sites that form the Ecoamgueddfa - Llŷn Ecomuseum

  • Imagery and virtual tour created by Bernd Kronmueller, Panoramas and Virtual Tours

  • Tour text summaries created by Dr Kate Waddington, Bangor University

  • Film by Cai Erith, Forrest Lancaster and Rhys Mwyn

Tre'r Ceiri  Virtual Tour launch - Porth y Swnt. png
Virtul Tour
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