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World Curlew Day

World Curlew Day

April 21, 

World Curlew Day is a grass-roots initiative, supported by major environmental organisations, to raise awareness of the plight of curlews and to encourage activities to help them. It falls on the 21st April each year, a special day to help raise awareness about curlews, so we learn more about them, in the hope that we can save these beautiful birds from extinction.

These Curlew Educational Resources was developed for World Curlew Day as part of the LIVE Project’s environmental education programme, to raise awareness about the natural heritage of the Iveragh Peninsula in Ireland, and the Llŷn Peninsula in Wales. 


These recourses can be used at any time, to help learn more about curlews. While the material is focused on Iveragh and Llŷn, you can adapt it to suit your own area.  Contact your local Bird Conservation group for more local knowledge, even better make it a class project to create your own localised Curlew Educational Pack and share around your community.

World Curlew Day short film

This short film, produced by Knowledge Gatherers Ben Porter and Linda Lyne, for The LIVE Project, gives an overview of the Eurasian Curlew – and what’s being done to try saving this enigmatic species from extinction across Great Britain and Ireland.

World Curlew Day Resources

These resources were developed by a team of Knowledge Gatherers, working on the LIVE Project, with the assistance from the Curlew Conservation Programme.


They can be used for educational purposes only. All images are being used with permission, and remain copyrighted by the credited owner. Special thanks to Ben Porter, Linda Lyne and Birdwatch Ireland

'Let's Talk About Curlews' Presentation

Download our 'Lets talk about Curlews' presentation and teachers notes below. 

Printable worksheets, suitable for different ages

Download our printable worksheets which include fun facts, colouring in sheets and puzzles about the Curlew! Suitable for different ages.


Curlew Gallery

Curlew workshop

with Ysgol Crud y Werin, Aberdaron

Pupils from Ysgol Crud y Werin, Aberdaron have been very busy over the last few weeks. Following an online workshop on local wildlife by Robert and Ben from the LIVE project, the children have been busy recording and learning about the various species of birds on the Llŷn Peninsula. One of these species is the enigmatic Curlew, here’s a gallery of the children’s drawings. We absolutely love them!

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