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Autumnal walks in Iveragh

I love the summer and I'm always sad when it comes to an end but autumn is something to look forward to as it brings a change of guard with some of the wildlife that can be found on the Iveragh. With the change in wildlife also comes the change in colours. The light is warmer. The leaves turn shades of golds, reds and yellows. Fungi fruiting bodies emerge like jewels from beneath. The air seems fresher and the seas turquoise waves grow more fierce. Some of our wildlife species depart south for warmer climes while others, such as the common lizard (earc luachra), move underground for the cooler months to come. Our winters are mild enough for many birds to choose us as their destination for migration and the influx of waders is one of my favourite autumnal events. There is the anticipation of the first returning flock of brent geese (cadhan), announcing their arrival through gentle honking as they gracefully slide along the surface to dip their feet in the waters of a favourite Iveragh site. The haunting call of the curlew (crotach) becomes more frequent and the 'pee-weep' cries of a large flock of lapwing (pilibín) overhead stops me in my tracks every time. It's a time filled with change. Let's have a look at some of the highlights of the Iveragh in autumn

Slide the arrows to see a woodland transformed

A walk in the woods

The change in leaf colours is a sign of preparation to allow trees to conserve energy over winter. The shorter daylight hours and cooler autumn temperatures trigger a chemical change as chlorophyll (green) production stops and the anthocyanins (reds) and carotenes (yellow) are more prominent. Shedding leaves also protects trees from damage during strong winds and storms. There are many parts of the Iveragh that take on these autumnal hues including the bracken blankets on the hillside.

Woodland Walks

Faha Wood

With a 'Fairy Forest' for the little ones the trails around Faha include woodlands & views over Rossbeigh sand spit. Look out for wading birds in the tidal mudflats. More here...

Kimego Loop

A conifer and eucalyptus plantation walk, this trail provides stunning views of Caherciveen harbour. Keep an eye out for choughs! More here...


Keep your eyes peeled for woodland birds and mammals in the section of native woodland & farmland at the beginning of the trail. At the summit you will be joined by ravens overhead as you take in the incredible panoramic views of the Iveragh. More here...

Derrynane Woods

Meander through oak, hazel & holly woodland. The golden bracken and blue seas in autumn make this one of the most beautiful corners of the Iveragh. Listen for curlew in the lagoon. More here...

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