LIVE is a collaboration between Welsh and Irish community organisations, academic departments and local governments. LIVE aims to enable coastal communities to promote their natural and cultural assets, creating opportunities for sustainable tourism, especially outside of the traditional peak tourist seasons. 


LIVE will use the Ecomuseum model of co-operative marketing to create a powerful suite of digital and non-digital resources for eco and educational tourism. These resources will be underpinned by knowledge of the local environments of the Llŷn Peninsula in Gwynedd and the Iveragh peninsula in Kerry.


The project will facilitate workshops, education programmes and knowledge exchange sessions to build a cohort of active Ecomuseum ambassadors and citizen scientists on both peninsulas who are skilled in digital marketing and engaged with their local environments.


LIVE builds on work already underway to create a strong identity and sense of place for both peninsulas. LIVE is part funded by the Ireland Wales co-operation programme. 


What is an Eco Museum?


An ecomuseum is a museum focused on the identity of a place, largely based on local participation with the aim of growing the economy whilst enhancing the welfare and development of local communities. It refers in particular to a new idea of holistic interpretation of natural and cultural heritage as opposed to the traditional focus on specific items and objects by conventional museums.


Ecomuseums originated in France in the 1970’s. There are presently over 300 ecomuseums operating in the world and are prominent in European countries. There is no blueprint for an Ecomuseum, only a shared value of celebrating a sense of place.


LIVE – Llŷn, Iveragh Ecomuseum is a partnership located both sides of the Irish Sea. It will see the development of a new Ecomuseum in Iveragh and the continuation of the Llŷn #Ecoamgueddfa. It aims to enable Pen Llŷn and Iveragh to be a home and a destination, providing opportunities for the communities today and in the future to prosper in their own locale on their own terms whilst enriching the visitor experience, and moving away from ‘extractive’ tourism.



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